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Portland, Oregon

Est. 2012

Your Local Pallet Professionals

From value-driven sourcing to Worry-Free delivery,
we've got your back.

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What we offer

We believe pallets should take care of themselves. To that end, we work everyday to provide our clients with an all-in-one suite of services tailored to their specific pallet needs. Say goodbye to subpar customer experiences and unreliable delivery–say hello to local, worry-free pallet sourcing.


From direct acquisition of materials to quality-driven production, we aim to streamline every aspect of our workflow and pass that value on to you.​


Consistency is key. We streamline every aspect of our production line so our pallets are a reliable, predictable, and worry-free part of your pipeline.

on-site Backup

We provide backup inventory at our warehouse so you never have to worry about running out. With a call, an emergency delivery is on the way.


Whether it’s our in-house flatbed deliveries or coordinating with your preferred freight method, we coordinate your deliveries so your pallets get where they need to go.

we believe what goes into a well-run
business is what comes out of it.


1 multi-cut ambi-tram saw, 2 horizontal band saws, 1 high-speed notcher, 6 pallet auto-assembly machines, and we're still growing.


Your experience matters as much as the product. We prioritize honesty, proactive communication, and professionalism.


It matters if you can accurately predict your pallet quantities now and into the future. We strategize to do just that.


You should get exactly what you order. Once onboarding is complete, our highly-trained team fulfills to specification.

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