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Portland, Oregon

Est. 2012

Your Local Pallet Professionals

From value-driven sourcing to Worry-Free delivery,
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What we offer

We believe pallets should take care of themselves. We work everyday to provide our clients with an all-in-one suite of services tailored to their specific pallet needs. Say goodbye to subpar customer experiences and unreliable delivery–say hello to a local, worry-free pallet experience.


From direct acquisition of materials to quality-driven production, we aim to streamline every aspect of our workflow and pass that value on to you.​

High volume

We believe that working with a small family business shouldn’t mean sacrificing large-scale capabilities. Whether you’re after 100 pallets or 1,000, we can handle it.

on-site Backup

We provide backup inventory at our warehouse so you never have to worry about running out. With a call, an emergency delivery is on the way.


Whether it’s our in-house flatbed deliveries or coordinating with your preferred freight carrier, we keep a watchful eye on your deliveries so your pallets get where they need to go.

we believe what goes into a well-run
business is what comes out of it.


1 multi-cut ambi-trim saw (and another on the way), 2 horizontal band resaws, 1 high-speed notcher, 6 pallet auto-assembly machines, and we're still growing!


Your experience matters as much as the product. We prioritize long-term relationships built on mutual trust, open communication, and responsiveness.


A vendor can promise the world, but their word is only as good as their follow-through. We aim to be the prized vendor whose word is stronger than oak (or in this case, doug fir).


You should get exactly what you order. Once on-boarding is complete, our highly-trained team uses multiple quality checks to ensure pallets are built to your specifications.

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10680 SW Industrial Way Building 2, Tualatin, OR 97062